Fire Fighting and Safety Solutions.


Protecting a building from fire has never been easy, whether it's a small, medium or large enterprise you need the right fire protection systems. E1 is transforming the fire protecting systems industry in Tanzania by bringing you the right selection of products and services to protect your assets from fire. Rest assured that your safety is within our capacity. We have trained experts in the fire protection industry who will take you through and advice the right products and fire protection solution to protect your asset. You can take your time going through our fire protection systems solutions and products below:

What We Offer

  • Fire suppression system (FM200 and Ecoshield),CO2 etc..
  • Fire alarm system and Cables.
  • Fire Hydrants system and accessories.
  • Fire sprinkler system.
  • Fire Protection pipe and fitting.
  • Fire protection valves.
  • Fire pump and accessories.
  • Electrical conduit and fittings.


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